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Apply for a Food Stall

If you need to contact us, please email Junior on

Once you have read the below information, make an application by sending all relevant information to the email above. Applications close 1 August 2023 and we will send confirmation of a concession for the festival weekend by Friday 11 August.

Checklist of paperwork you need to provide:-

  • Fire risk assessment.
  • Food hygiene certification.
  • Certificate of public liability insurance.

What we provide

We provide 6ft trestle tables in line with the amount you have paid for your stall, and an allocation of space sufficient to stand / sit behind and to access the stall.

Stalls will be allocated their space on arrival on the festival site, it is in direct contravention of these terms and conditions for concessions to take up more space than what they have been allocated.

We do not provide chairs.

Concession fees

Note the increase in fees for Catering Vans. Standard concession fees are calculated on the amount of frontage the stall will take up over the festival weekend and are based on 6ft trestle tables.

The standard price for a 6ft table frontage is £175 for the weekend. Larger stalls with additional table frontage will cost multiples of £175 and can be discussed during the application.

Stalls that do not require trestle tables, for example food trailers or specialist catering units will be charged on a custom basis.

A standard wheelbase van catering unit will be charged £350 for the weekend.

Set-Up Times

The festival is open:

  • Friday: 18:00 – 22:30
  • Saturday: 11:30 – 22:30
  • Sunday: 11:30 – 17:30

You must be set up and have all vehicles off site no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start on each day.

You will not be allowed to bring vehicles back onto the site until at least 30 minutes after the official close of the day, this is also dependant on crowd conditions – if it is unsafe to allow you on site due the number of people present, you will have to wait for authorisation.

Concession Power Supply

Each concession space will be provided with a single phase, generator fed power supply during the event operating times as listed above. This is not optional. (This supply will NOT be available overnight – to reduce our environmental impact of running generators overnight at low load).

The cost of this will be £125 per stall, as a contribution towards power and connection costs.

The maximum power draw will be limited to around 13A per stall. The connection will be via a 16A CEEform connector into an (optional) 13A domestic socket plug board.

If you require overnight power, or a higher rated power supply (16A or 32A for appliances such as fridges, grills, kettles / water boilers e.t.c.) this can be discussed at the application stage.

If you are unsure as to your requirements please contact us.

We recommend that each concession provides adequate lighting for their stall as there is limited on-street lighting.

Fire Safety

For fire safety reasons you will need to ensure that any burners/stoves are positioned in a way that does not constitute a fire risk and that any signs, table cloths etc. are secured so that they cannot come into contact with any burners or stoves in the event of wind. We are legally obliged to obtain a completed fire risk assessment from each stall before we allow you to trade. Protective barriers must be erected at the front edge of any stall if any cooking is taking place in this area, this is a requirement of Leeds City Council to keep members of the public safe. 

Fire fighting equipment/Fire points are in place as part of the standard event risk assessment. For food concessions at the event you must provide adequate fire safety equipment for your stall. This will be detailed in your fire risk assessment. Any equipment provided must be fully commissioned and have up to date maintenance with associated records from the hire company/ service company. All of your team should be trained in the safe use of fire extinguishing equipment. Any fire equipment you provide on your concession that is not in a serviceable condition, or without an up to date maintenance record will be required to be removed from service whilst you are on the event site for safety reasons. You will not be able to trade at the event without the correct fire safety equipment.

Environmental responsibility

Food and drink must be served in biodegradable or recycled paper containers. All cutlery must be made of wood or other suitable biodegradable material. Styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery cannot be used on site (this includes plastic straws). Anyone arriving with inappropriate food containers and cutlery will not be allowed on the site for breaching these conditions. PLEASE CHECK with us before placing an order for food containers if you are not sure. Glass is banned from the festival site.

Adverse Weather

You are responsible for protecting your goods and any other materials from the weather; we do not provide any form of wet weather cover, neither do we take any responsibility for any damage caused by weather. No refunds or compensation will be offered in the event of bad weather.

Protective Structures

All protective structures must be in sound condition and held down using professionally made weights. We reserve the right to ask you take down any structure which we believe to be unsafe. 

Public & Employers Liability Insurance

 You are liable for any consequences arising from the sale of your goods and/or the activities taking place on your concession. We expect you to take an appropriate level of public and employers liability insurance to cover you against any legal liabilities arising from these activities.

Food Hygiene Certification

It is a legal requirement that anyone handling food for sale to the public has appropriate food hygiene training and certification. It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone who is working on your concession has this training and certification is available on request. 

Additional Hygiene Issues 

All stall-holders are responsible for ensuring that the floor-space around their stall is kept clean and free from food debris. Waste bins and recycling facilities must be provided. Any stall holder who fails to keep their floor-space clean will be asked to leave the site at the end of that session and not return. We do not provide access to water supplies at the festival. You must ensure you have provision for bringing water to site for cleaning etc. Allergy information must be displayed at each food concession. 

We expect you to follow current Covid 19 safety guidelines. 

Sale of Restricted Items

The sale or distribution of any item that carries a legal age restriction (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, fireworks etc.) is strictly prohibited from concession stalls. 

Equipment Safety

All equipment you bring on site must be fit for purpose, free from defects and in a serviceable, safe to use condition. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested as required. Any other equipment must be serviced by a competent person as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Charity Collection Buckets

All food concessions will be required to display a festival charity collection bucket at the customer facing section of their stall. These will be provided and maintained by the festival.

Storage of equipment

There are no storage facilities on the festival site and so equipment should be removed at the end of each day.   Gazebos may remain in place overnight.  There will be a security presence overnight.

Event Control

During the period of time that the festival site is under the control of the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival any reasonable request or decision made by the Event Manager, Event Safety Officer or any on-duty Event Management Team member is final and binding and must be complied with immediately. Failure to comply will result in your ejection from the festival. No refunds or compensation will be given in this situation.

Respect Policy

We ask all stall and concession holders to read through the Festival’s Respect Policy, then sign to confirm that they have read it and agree to abide by it.