Residents Information

The Chapel Allerton Arts Festival is run by local volunteers, for the local community. The money raised annually by the festival is only used to fund the festival the next year, therefore helping to support the local economy.

For this reason, our local community is important to us and we want to ensure everyone can enjoy the weekend.

We do this in two ways – firstly, we ensure that the programme of events is hugely varied to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy over the week, and secondly by working hard to make sure that our activities cause minimal disruption to our community.

Contacting us…

If you need to speak to us about anything including (but not limited to):

- Noise

- Road Closures

- Access / Parking

- Refuse / Cleaning

- Security

… please come and see us!

The site is manned 24hrs a day during the event weekend.

Around the event opening hours (from around 0800 until 23:30 daily) our Head Stewards point is open and staffed by supervisors of the stewarding team. In a change from previous years, this is situated on Hawthorn Road.

Out of hours, security staff from our contractor will be on site – they can help with any access issues e.t.c. and can contact the festival management team if required in the event of an emergency.

Alternatively, you can call the telephone number below:

This number will be staffed at all times by either a Head Steward or a member of the Event Management Team.

Please be advised that on occasions it will be impossible for our representative to answer your call immediately due to the nature of their role – in this situation please leave a voicemail message with your contact details and a brief description of the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note this number is only live on the event weekend (Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening).

For any other queries please use the Contact Us section of the website and someone will be in touch.

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