April 12, 2013




Recycling of drinks cans, plastic bottles and plastic “glasses”

As in the past four years we shall be preventing as many of these items as possible from going to landfill

Every year around half a ton (!!!) of used cans and plastic products from the festival are collected and sent to the superb recycling facilities operated by Leeds City Council, where each material is sorted and sold as a valuable raw material

We use 16 wire cages, each 4’ tall by 2’ square and clearly labelled as to what should (and should not!) go in to them

Alongside each of the cages will be plastic wheelie bins for other rubbish, often contaminated with food waste, and anything else that cannot currently be recycled

The cages need to be emptied at fairly regular intervals into a lockable skip (provided by the Council), and taken back to their locations on Regent Street. This isn’t hard work, but is too much for one person to do on his own, particularly as he’s not as young or fit as he used to be!

Three or four additional helpers to do a couple of hours during the period from Friday evening to Sunday evening would be wonderful

IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE CONTACT    Bob Ward on 0113 262 4759 or 07860 511703 or bob@tmccl.co.uk

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