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Sep 02 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Asha Parkinson’s “Kalpadruma” and “Topaz”

Founded by saxophonist/composer, Asha Parkinson “Kalpadruma” is an exciting band exploring connection between Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Contemporary Classical and Jazz music. Asha Parkinson is a young composer and saxophonist  whose work regularly crosses the boundaries between traditions, from jazz to ‘classical’ to world musics and beyond – interests reflected equally in her work with her own Kalpadruma quintet and dodectet and her compositions for professional groups like Table Music. “Kalpadruma” have recently appeared in London at Ronnie Scotts club, to great acclaim.

She’s UK based but also internationally focused and has already received a major award for work that goes beyond music. Asha’s already extensive work as a composer brings together a wide range of influences, ranging from Arabic maqam, flamenco compas, Indian tala to the modal polyphony of the Notre Dame School and Olivier Messaien. She was one of four composers to be selected for the prestigious Jazz South Breakthrough Commission Scheme for which she composed the ‘Encounters suite’ (2021). Encounters inhabits an evocative sound world where jazz, Arabic Maqam and contemporary classical music meet with the Arabic poetry of Maram al Masri. Beyond works for her own jazz-based ensembles such as “Kalpadruma”, her compositions for chamber orchestra and choir, string quartet, recorder consort and piano trio have all received public performances and recognition.

‘ The fiery tenor saxophonist…’ ‘…quietly intense alto … wonderfully understated drama… impressive ‘Richard Williams – The Blue Moment

Support (7.15-7.45pm) is from “Topaz” – a contemporary jazz group led by Chapel Allerton sax player and singer Cathy Ibberson with Lucy Smickersgill on trombone, Alison on sax, Phil Green trumpet, Will Powell guitar, Steve Crocker bass, Graham Hefferman drums

Doors 7pm Music 7.30- 10.00pm – part of the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival 2023, concert promoted by Jazzleeds @Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, £12/10, 25s and under £6

Tickets: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/jazzleeds/asha-parkinson-s-kalpadruma/e-zqxjad